Loyalty Program


WSAVA is proud to present the WSAVA loyalty program to reward and thank our loyal participants

We value the commitment you have shown by coming to our world congresses and supporting our mission. We want to recognize this commitment by making one to you… 

A​ttending WSA​​VA is going to save you money and offer you VIP only benefits

Silver member:

  • Is this your 2nd WSAVA congress in a row?
  • 2 successive (paid) registrations to our world congress means guaranteed early bird fee whenever you reserve your place and register

Gold member:

  • 3rd WSAVA congress and counting?
  • 3 successive (paid) registrations to our world congress means guaranteed super early bird fee whenever you are ready to register
  • Round table breakfast with a WSAVA committee member

Platinum member:​

  • So frequent it wouldn't be the same without you?
  • 4 successive (paid) registrations to our world congress means we want to get to know you a little better by inviting you to be a WSAVA guest of honor at one of WSAVA's networking evenings
  • Guaranteed super early bird fees whenever you want to register

ALL loyalty program members:

  • Special recognition on registration badge: “WSAVA VIP”

For more information, please contact us​​

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