Companion Animal Outreach Program

​​WSAVA Global Outreach CARTAGENA Colombia​

Sponsored in part by an educational grant of Hill’s Pet Nutrition

What is it about?

O.R.C.A. is an NGO funded in 2006. It has been involved in programs of humane care for pets belonging to people in areas of extreme poverty, violence or financial duress. It has developed an structure different than most rescue programs, where they have no shelter of their own, but fund and support existent shelters, rescue centers and public clinics. By partnerships with Local Governances, other rescue groups and by lobbying the local industry, ORCA has provided surgery, preventive and clinical care to dogs and cats. ​

What do we expect from you?​

We want you to help us for 2 days of hands on experience sharing with the community of Cartagena. We want to have one day of external clinic, with evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for dogs and cats, including but no limited to exams, dewormings, vaccinations, etc. On day number two, we will run a neuter and spay clinic, for dogs and cats.

Conditions to be able to join:​

You can not suffer from major illnesses including heart disease.

You must provide proof of active Rabies immunization.

To participate in the surgical experience you must be a licensed veterinarian in your own country and proficient in surgery. A temporary license for Colombia will be arranged in advance.



Date & Place: 24-25 September 2016 (2 days 1 night), Cartagena Colombia.

Activities: Perform medical and surgical activities, related to the rendering of free therapy and care to pets belonging to a poor community.

Expense: Total expense is US$205​. Does not include Hotel.

Maximum number of attendees: 10 professionals (first-come-first-serve basis). Registration closed June 30, 2016.​

Coordinator: Dr. Ivanov Castellanos em​ail:


Registration: If you are interested in participating, please complete and send ​the registration form​ and credit card authorization form to the Registration Manager at​

Please note that Hill's Pet Nutrition will donate 5000 USD to offset additional costs of this project.

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